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Experiencing an amalgamation of municipalities, the City of Greater Sudbury has matured into a diversified regional urban centre which has become the focus of technology, education, government and health services. Based on the 2006 Census, the total population of the City of Greater Sudbury is 157,857.

Growth engines for Greater Sudbury are mining, advanced education research and innovation, tourism, health care, and arts and culture. First, Sudbury's rich mining history will be a springboard for gaining world class recognition for mining and supply services. The future will take advantage of more diversified business opportunities to provide jobs in Sudbury. Together, the businesses in the mining sector will become a strong voice in advocating for their human resources and other needs to grow rapidly in the global marketplace; thus allowing for more jobs in Sudbury.

According to the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, Greater Sudbury's compliment of Laurentian University with its federated universities, School of Medicine and new School of Education, Cambrian College and College Boreal, has emerged as a new educational hub in Ontario. Sudbury also has a number of existing or developing incubators of new knowledge, all of which serve to highlight the fact that advanced education is a significant growth engine in the community, one that has the potential to ignite innovation and create new economic and commercial opportunities for jobs in Sudbury.

Thirdly, the beauty and accessibility of Greater Sudbury's location, major attractions and dynamic earth, the city's reputation for environmental stewardship and its many existing and potential outdoor amenities are being marketed to visitors and "knowledge workers" alike who value a balanced lifestyle. With multi-year hotel occupancy rates among the highest in the nation, it is estimated that over 3,200 jobs in Sudbury are in the tourism-related occupations.

The presence of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, the Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre and the Adult Regional Cardiac Program, coupled with the pursuit of an Occupational Health & Safety Centre of Excellence, have all positioned Greater Sudbury as a regional health centre. Recognizing the aging population, future jobs in Sudbury will be tailored to meet the health needs of this demographic.

Lastly, Greater Sudbury's arts & culture community has made tremendous gains in the past decade and is now acknowledged as a true growth engine. Not only will a growing arts & culture sector provide jobs in Sudbury and increase tourism receipts, it adds to quality of life and attracts talent to those occupations that will nurture all the growth engines.